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Tough Twins :: Austin Family Photography

Warning: this post contains a dangerous amount of cuteness.

You know what’s cute? A newborn baby.

What’s cuter than that, right?

A red headed newborn baby.

Wait. It gets cuter….

I’m about to show you pictures of TWIN. red-headed. NEWBORNS.

Stop it.

(It is moments like these that I feel like it is just unfair for me to claim any talent at all when it comes to photography. I mean, these guys just made it so, stinking, easy…..)

Fourth of engagement :: Austin Event Photography

My dear friends got engaged. And in typical Wilshire style, we threw them a party.

But not just any party.

A Mad-Men-goes-to-a-barbecue-on-the-fourth-of-July-1960′s-themed-retro-costume-engagement-party.

(yup, it was just that epic.)

We had Old Fashions, pimento cheese, potato salad and (of course) pie.

Everyone looked incredible and the night was definitely one for the books. Congrats to Nicole and Ian!!

(photo courtesy of Paul Bailey)

Rosie Thomas and Ivan and Alyosha at Lambert’s Barbeque :: Austin Event Photographer

On Cinco de Mayo, the roomie and I headed downtown to see one of my most favorite female singer songwriters, Rosie Thomas. It was an unexpected treat to also get to hear Ivan and Alyosha open for her. Between their delightful, Pacific Northwest, bearded charm and her hilarious, enthusiastic and heartfelt monologues the night was such a treat. Plus, who knew Lambert’s was such a great venue!?! Nice work, all around.

Costa Rica Surf Trip :: Travel Photography

2012 began with high hopes and crazy goals here in the Wilshire House. We made a list of ways that we were going to make this year better than any other year. It included things like:



Eat more veggies

Hot date

I was probably the slowest adopter of the list, but I have seen it transform the way we do life. Including the fact that this year, I have gone snow-skiing, hiking and surfing, all in 6 months. That is crazy. I don’t do those things.

But this year I choose ADVENTURE.

So here is a little bit of our trip to Costa Rica. Highlights include coffee, wildlife, getting majorly lost, hiking, getting lost while hiking, and surfing.

M o r e   i n f o